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Santee School District is following the COVID-19 situation closely and is receiving frequent updates and guidance from local, state health agencies as well as the CDC. The District is committed to providing a safe learning environment through the implementation of various health protocols, offering free testing and administering group contact tracing.


Frequently Asked Questions  

When does my child need to test, and what type of test do they need?

The San Diego Office of Education has created three Decision Tree models to help students and K-12 workers understand when to test and the types of testing required to come back to school safely. These trees are available in English and Spanish on our Testing page, along with more testing information. If you have further questions, please contact your campus nurse or contact Holly Chisholm, District Nurse, at 619-258-2231 or


I received a group close contact notice for my child. What do I do now?

As long as your child does not have symptoms, they can remain in school but they must test on either Day 3, 4 or 5 with a negative result. If they are symptomatic, please use the Symptom and Isolation Tree to determine next steps OR contact your school nurse for next steps.  


Can I use an at-home test?

Individuals may use an at-home test to communicate a positive results with the school but there is a recommendation to follow-up with a confirmatory rapid antigen test administered at the District COVID Testing Center or a PCR test.  Individuals who are out-of-school with symptoms or who have tested positive must take a rapid antigen test on day 5 and may return on day 6 if they test negative and follow the expected conditions. An at-home test cannot be used for this purpose.

Does my school participate in group or individual contact tracing?

All Santee SD schools administer group contact tracing. With the group model, parents of all students who were in an indoor setting with the infected student for more than 15 cumulative minutes will be given a blanket notification informing them that, as long as their student does not have symptoms, they can remain in school but they must test on either Day 3, 4 or 5 with a negative result.