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Welcome to The Alternative Home School!
10250 Magnolia Ave. Santee, CA. 92071

We wish all students and families a welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

* We are ready for rigorous, creative learning for this 2020-21 academic year! We are presently at capacity, unable to enroll new students,  however we welcome you to visit our website. We are Santee Alternative Home School where limitless learning possibilities are available to excel academically for students and families with compassion and support of educators!

*The official first day of school will be August 19th. Our fall school hours are 7:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Upon appointment only, I will begin initial conferences for new families the last week of July.

2020-2021 New Interested Family Information:

  • Santee Alternative Home School Students:
    • have parents as instructors for Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, and P.E.
    • work at home and must be supervised by adults during school hours
    • follow all Santee School District policies
    • sign a contract stating all the timelines and expectations outlined in the school planner
    • use student curriculum and technology equivalent to that used in our district schools
    • complete all required state testing and other district tests
  • Santee Alternative Parents as Instructors:
    • organize, manage, and instruct students using supplied teacher guides and answers to correct all student work
    • instruct lessons, guide students to mastering lessons, and correct all work
    • attend weekly "Student Work Check-In Conferences" which are approximately twenty five minutes per child
    • receive a year planner that is organized by week of each subject by chapter, by lessons, and pages. Then the instructor may plan the weekly lessons for each day of the week. This makes the flexibility of home schooling individualized to allow more time where needed.
    • may add supplementary projects, books, field trips to what is listed in the school planner.
  • Santee School District Information
    • There is no cost to enroll into the Santee Alternative Home School
    • We serve grades kindergarten through grade eight
    • Students with an IEP must be approved in order to enroll.
    • Both parent and student must attend an initial conference (which we will begin the last week of July).
    • Because attendance is based on submitted completed work, all work must be submitted on time.
    • Student work is collected weekly: Students are to complete one week of work, then submit the corrected work with the parent by Tuesday of the next week.
    • Our school has been in existence more than forty years, serving our community. This will be my thirteenth year with this program. I manage this program fulltime with a halftime secretary to support all the needs of our amazing families!

*Register at the Santee District Office, 9619 Cuyamaca St. Santee, CA 92071

Head Instructor: Mrs. Patricia Noujaim
Secretary: Mrs. Kim Whitacre
Writing Instructor: Mrs. Donna Farquar

*After you register at the district office, please email to make an appointment for a conference to learn about our Alternative Schoo